Friday, February 5, 2010


When with you asleep,
I plunge into your earth
Mute, I hear the waterfall from your mouth
sifting through strange splendors.

It seems to me that in deep dreaming
the balcony of your temples unravels.
You leave behind the lurching breath,
and everything your heart discovers too small.

In this orphaned twilight
I place constellations at your headboard,
like a placid bonfire keeping the luster of your body
Invisibly ajar,
your porous hand so soft,
which moans where I enter secretly and bathe myself new.

In the shade of your slumber
a gust empties my head,
an aroma of so many blind and luminous years.
I watch you like a ponderous child
Serene, yours is a flight so high and ample
that you become a sky newly born.

Your Hands

I'd begin with your hands,
their softness flying over me.
It is as if they were destined,
like two wings folded on my chest ending their journey.
I recognized them before I ever touched them,
before they existed and passed over me like the starved gale.
I love the handfuls of earth you are,
hungry for the pale stones of your fingernails,
your almond skin forged on my recollection.
I remember the anguish of your hands,
the yearning to dissolve it rushed through me.
And then your hand fluttered,
closed its wings over my eyes
and swallowed the darkness.


I am the moon that so gracefully brushes your shoulders,
keeping the luster of your body radiant.
In this moment I begin with your hands,
tracing their outline with my breath.
Next to the resounding sea,
your laughter rises its cascade engulfing my body,
the river of your smile unbounded.

With you, you become my earth,
bonded to the character of your mouth when it
bursts forth in joy.
And I saw the light you carried in your heart,
which maybe no one knew was growing like the beginnings of the
early morning sun.

You shut out the world with your fragrance,
bathing me in your sweetness.
I have no other star,
you are the abundant universe.
I pass across your ardent body kissing you delicately,
your skin throbbing,
you're infinite, my love.

But without your presence, without you suddenly knowing my life,
I was among the aimless wind.
Since then, I am because you are and you are because I am.

My Goddess

I see the light pouring from your mouth,
a masterpiece with lines forging
your curves tastefully.
The delicacy of your skin radiates vibrant colors,
luring me to indulge in your enigmatic facade.
You glisten immaculately,
capturing eyes in fixation,
each brushed stroke consuming the naked mind.
The potency in your display of shade and depth
cling to my inner being,
tangible, you are my Goddess.


They spoke to me of longing,
longing to share the space your form occupies,
So I give you the stars my moon,
in knowing beauty belongs together.
Your solitary charm provides nourishment
to their dismal atmosphere,
your white glow unraveling all.
You converse about the sensual night,
although, the title belongs to you.
Replenish this fog of tasteless mortals,
and cast heavenly dreams to the world with your glamor.


I go on
feeling raw like the trees whose winter
has stripped their frock.
This body devoid of your existence languishes,
but its profuse heart remains cemented.

The absence of frolic in your eyes
I withdraw to your barren oleanders
to watch them unfold at your concord.

I look for you in the incalculable sky
and the unforgiving dirt that has
swallowed you prematurely.
I feel for you in the wind's gallop,
blowing through my hollowed shell.

The smell of earth,
I am the gardener whose tears fertilize
your home.

Over Here

My eyelashes gather salt from my soul,
the swallow of your smile retreating.

time is a savored companion to
smoke drenched throats and nestled cafes
carrying centuries long discussions.
The cantering lavender of your breath,
age doesn't bury us with drizzle.
We fill up on years like swelling clusters
of fruit,
Your cypresses unearthing bastions
above lopsided cobblestones and ancient fields.

Over here,
life keenly gazes.